AGA supports more Gambian schools

AGA supports more Gambian schools

By Cherno Omar Bobb

Altogether Giving Africa (AGA) UK/Gambia recently supported more Gambian schools with learning and school materials, among others.

On Sunday 17th December 2023, the charitable organisation through one of its Gambian volunteers delivered chairs and other learning and school materials to Kiang Karantaba Lower Basic School.

On Tuesday 19th December 2023, AGA visited Brimawa Upper Basic School to meet with Mr & Mrs Kemokai, the proprietors.

AGA’s partnership with the school that is providing excellent education for the community, is of great importance to the organisation. “We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this outstanding school and support the future leaders of The Gambia, said Sister Angie Graham, Founder Altogether Giving Africa (AGA) UK/Gambia.

“Your community support in the UK makes a meaningful impact, improving lives in The Gambia. Thank you all  for your ongoing support and encouragement,” sister Angie said to supporters.

“Expressing gratitude and remembrance, we deeply appreciate those who have been part of Altogether Giving Africa’s journey and have transitioned to join the Ancestors. Their legacy endures,” she also said.

The organisation also planted a coconut tree at Ardingly Old Jeshwang Association Health Centre in memory of their beloved brother Leonard Cowan, who passed away on 6th May 2022.

Last month the charitable trust donated tables, chairs, toys and books to Agape Preparatory School.

Altogether Giving Africa (AGA) is a charity based in the United Kingdom and The Gambia. The non-profit organisation shares the passion to help disadvantaged communities across Africa, particularly in The Gambia.

Over the years, the charity trust has supported a number of sectors in the country, from education to health sectors as well as the less privileged. It is committed to benefiting the public and working towards sustainable development and growth.

AGA ensures that every contribution aligns with its values and is delivered to beneficiaries in line with its process with care.

Its UK & Gambia teams embody its purpose, striving to be the positive change.


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