AG tasked to provide receipts worth over D22M

AG tasked to provide receipts worth over D22M

The Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC) of the National Assembly has tasked the Accountant General to liaise with the Minister of Justice to provide to the Auditor General and FPAC the Janneh Commission’s Treasury receipts amounting to D22,319,957.92, information pertaining to the sale of the assets of former President Jammeh and other relevant documents, or face probe.

“It was noted that Treasury Receipts amounting to D22,319,957.92 were reported as proceeds from the sale of assets by the Janneh Commission,” the report stated.

“It also was noted that the underlisted GTR book used for receipting monies for the sale of government assets was not provided for inspection. Discussions between auditors and members of the committee in charge of the auction of government assets revealed that the revenue book in question was missing after the sale of assets.”

The report disclosed that discussions with officials at the Geology Department revealed that General Triplicate Receipt (GTR) books were issued to inspectors through verbal request made to the director. 

“No register for GTRs received from the Accountant General Department is maintained to show to whom they are issued, when they are issued and whether they are returned when exhausted. In addition, requests made to the Accountant General Department for the supply of GTR books are not recorded,” the report stated.

The committee recommends that the Department of Geology should ensure that copies of requests made to the Accountant General were properly filed.

“The Department should also maintain a register to record therein GTR books received from the Accountant General’s Department and issues made to collectors,” the committee stated, recommending that the dictates of the Financial Regulations should always be adhered to.

They further stated that the Accountant General should investigate the missing receipt book and provide details of their investigation to the audit team for confirmation.

The committee recommended that “stringent controls are instituted over the management and custody of receipt books”.

Source: The Point

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