Abductors Brutally Murder Kogi Pastor Despite Receiving N1m Ransom

Abductors Brutally Murder Kogi Pastor Despite Receiving N1m Ransom

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

In a tragic turn of events, Pastor David Musa, affiliated with the Evangelical Church Winning All, was brutally murdered by his abductors in Kogi State. The unfortunate incident unfolded after the abductors, having initially demanded N20m ransom, eventually settled for N1m. The church, unable to gather the exorbitant amount, pleaded with the kidnappers, who agreed to the reduced sum.

Narrating the grim details, a church member named Mary revealed that Pastor Musa was kidnapped while on his farm. The family and community initiated a search when he didn’t return, discovering the abduction. Two church members were chosen to deliver the ransom along with unconventional items like recharge cards, chicken, and alcoholic drinks, as per the kidnappers’ demands.

Upon reaching the kidnappers’ den, the church members found the pastor alive. However, a tragic twist unfolded when, after initially letting them go, the abductors called Pastor Musa back. Realizing escape was impossible due to the captors’ sophisticated weapons, he complied. In a heart-wrenching moment, the abductors shot him on his return, ending his life instantly.

The devastating news was shared on the church’s social media platform, sending shockwaves through the congregation and the community. Pastor Musa’s previous role at ECWA Bishara, Ajaokuta, added to the sorrow, amplifying panic among the church members and the entire state.

Confirming the incident, the Kogi State Police Command assured that an investigation was underway, vowing to apprehend and prosecute those responsible for the heinous act. The tragic loss of Pastor David Musa has left a profound impact on the church, his family, and the community, invoking a collective sense of grief.

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