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In a resolution read by the secretary general of The Gambia National Trade Union Congress, the government of The Gambia was urged to consider salaries, pensions and transport allowance increase for the workers, especially in view of the high standard of living and prices of basic commodities.

The congress, as the umbrella body of all trade unions in the country, warned they are “sincerely concerned about the plight of the poor workers” and that such an increase must commensurate with economic realities of the country as a matter of extreme urgency.

They also called on the government to “consider establishing a Tripartite Taskforce in the country, to monitor implementation of the General Terms and Conditions of Employment at work places (public and private) with a view to addressing emerging problems on the spot, rather than resorting to the industrial tribunals.”

According to Ebrima Garba Cham, so many cases at the tribunal are usually dragged to between four to five years in some instances, at the expense of the poor workers.

That the numerous backlog of cases at the Industrial Tribunal is as a result of the involvement of conventional lawyers. Therefore, government through the chief justice, is urged to consider withdrawing lawyers from such courts in accordance with the Labour Act so as to expedite these cases.

That government should consider reactivating the Labour Advisory Board which has been dormant for over two years; he also “strongly recommend the introduction of Workers’ Education and Industrial Relations in their terms of reference.”

Author: Sanna Camara
Source: Picture: Ebrima Garba Cham
Culled from The POINT newspaper

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