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By Lamin Cham

Musa Jammeh, 43, from Bakau has told The Standard that he will run for mayor “to salvage and develop the Kanifing municipality to acceptable standards in the interest of the hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants”.
Jammeh, a holder of a bachelor’s degree from the Manchester Metropolitan University said he had a long affair with politics, youth and community development in the municipality.
He said he served as a youth officer in the KMC and was among the young vanguards of both UDP and NCP in Bakau.

“I am ready to answer to the call of the good people of Bakau and the Kanifing municipality to put my services to the people in uplifting the municipality. I feel I owe the people an obligation to respond to this call and I am ready to join the race for the KM mayorship,” Jammeh told The Standard last evening.
Asked which party he intended to contest for, Jammeh said he is “a true born son” of the UDP and he has already submitted an application for the party’s sponsorship.

“I have been a UDP man since its inception. And strategically, as far as Bakau in particular is concerned, I am more attractive as a winnable candidate than all my opponents and the same thing goes for other areas in the municipality. Let me make this clear, I am saying that with me as candidate, the UDP has a headstart in Bakau in particular and generally in the municipality,” he said.

Culled from The Standard newspaper

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