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The former Interior minister, Mai Ahmad Fatty, has been re-elected as the national chairman by the militants of The Gambia Moral Congress (GMC).

Addressing delegates at the end of the gathering, Mr. Fatty asserted that nothing was ‘impossible’ at GMC.

“The impossible is only a figment of other people’s imagination,” he says to a cheering crowd. “We will give our best to make GMC not only the strongest but the biggest political party in The Gambia. We will make GMC the political party that will consolidate democracy in The Gambia.”

Mr. Fatty, 50, was backed by all 360 delegates during the big two-day event which opened on Saturday at the Friendship Hostel in Bakau.

Mr. Fatty added: “We will embrace everybody. We will welcome all Gambians from all tribes, men and women from all parts of the country. Every Gambian belongs to where you want to be but we invite and welcome every Gambian.”

He said GMC will continue to support the government of President Barrow for the development of the country, adding GMC is still part of the coalition despite his relieve.

The Nyakoi-born lawyer politician takes the helm of a party that is showing signs of reinvention after many years fighting a dictatorship.

And as a stakeholder in the President Adama Barrow-led coalition government, Mr. Fatty said “we will strengthen government efforts toward national development.”

Hne said they support the president’s programme because the National Development Programme is also our programme. We will work hard together with all progressive forces and with other political parties in unison, in unity, in cooperation and collaboration to give the Gambian people the democracy that they deserve.” 

According to Mr. Fatty, the Gambia Moral Congress was founded to restore morality back into politics, adding that “politics and morality go together because at the end of the day, politics should be about morality.”

He said: “The Gambia Moral Congress came into existence to establish the principle that, “you can conduct politics with morality.” It should be about being a good citizen. It should be about honesty. It should be about sacrifice. It should be about commitment. It should be about family values. It should be about respect for the decency of labour.

“When we succeed in bringing morality at the heart of the political debate, then we will be able to practice politics with morality and all the negative vices that are associated with politics would be gone or substantially mitigated.”

Meanwhile, Mai Fatty was elected the chairman, Buba Khan, deputy  chairman, Alagie AF Jallow, national secretary, Fanding Barrow, deputy national secretary, Buba Fatty, national organizing secretary, Ebrima Saidykhan, deputy national organizing secretary, Lamin Barrow, national treasurer, Fatoumatta Fatty, deputy treasurer, Tida Kijera, national women mobiliser and Assiatou Jallow, deputy national women mobiliser. 

Author: Njie Baldeh
Source; Culled from The Point newspaper

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