3rd Pan African Youth Summit wraps-up in Gambia

3rd Pan African Youth Summit wraps-up in Gambia

By Sulayman Waan

In a bid to enhance leadership and influence implementation of key developmental strategies among African young leaders, the Pan African Youth Leadership Foundation (PAYLEF) recently held its third edition of the Global Leaders’ Summit Gambia 2023.

PAYLEF is an all-inclusive leading African youth platform representing and safeguarding aspirations of millions of youth across the continent. The theme for this year’s summit was; “Inclusive Leadership – Shaping a Sustainable World.”

The summit attracts influential business leaders, representatives of organisations and companies. It also seeks to bring about a paradigm shift by focusing on proven mentorship methodological solutions to youth shared problems.

At the event, Dr Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun, chairperson of Pan African Youth Leadership Foundation, described Africa as a continent of immense potential considering its rich tapestry of cultures, languages and traditions.

However, she reminded that despite this, the continent faces unique challenges, from economic disparities to environmental threats.

 “Inclusive leadership in Africa means recognising the diverse voices within the continent and addressing the specific needs of its people.” she said.

She indicated that one crucial aspect of inclusive leadership is setting realistic goals.

“As leaders, we must be ambitious, but our ambitions must be grounded in the reality of our circumstances. Setting achievable goals is not a sign of timidity; it is a demonstration of pragmatism. Realistic goals allow for effective planning and implementation, fostering a sense of accomplishment that propels us forward.”

Moving forward, she noted that there is a greater need for PAYLEF to fast-track the implementation of its strategies in order to help in addressing the challenges facing Africa.

“Inclusive leadership requires nimbleness and agility in decision-making and implementation,” she added.

Fast-tracking implementation, she further added, is not about bypassing due processes but rather, it’s about streamlining for efficiency.

“It means leveraging technology, fostering collaboration, and empowering local communities to be active participants in their own development.” she stated.

She urged all young African leaders to work collaboratively in addressing challenges facing the continent.

Dr. Adeyemi Adeniyi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dealclinchers Realtors Limited, said his real estate company is looking forward to tapping innovative opportunities in the market to help in addressing the housing challenges facing Africa. “We are building solid houses that would serve for generations,” he said.

He advised young investors to build public trust and protect their integrity. This, he said, would enable them to earn fruitful business.

Komyo Lawrence Adefemi, a Nigerian herbal doctor, underscored the importance of African herbal medicine, reminding the need for African countries to establish herbal institutions in Universities so as to teach Africans how to cure ailments with herbal medicine

Reacting to claims that herbal medicine destroys human liver and kidney, Adefemi maintained that African herbal medicine is very effective and cures diseases like any other conventional medicine.

He justified that the Americans, Chinese, Indians, and European countries all have modernised their traditional medicine.


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