3D Group launches blueprint, commemorate 5th year anniversary

3D Group launches blueprint, commemorate 5th year anniversary
By Sulayman Waan

Decision, Determined and Destiny (3DGam & Global), a local charitable organization on Thursday launched a Strategic Development Plan that gives the organization a strategic roadmap to contribute to human development. 3DGam aims to provide support for information, communication and technology equipment and resources; provide educational material to enhance teaching and learning at schools; provide financial support for community development-orient projects. It also promotes and enhances useful socio-cultural practice in The Gambia.

The organization has been helping people in the area of human rights, health, education, economic, among others.
The blueprint covers Technological; Educational; Economic and Socio-cultural aspects of the society. The plan would help the Foundation in the implementation of its projects on the aforementioned areas to improve lives and livelihood of the citizenry.
The launching of the strategic plan coincided with the commemoration of the Group’s fifth year anniversary.
In his remarks on behalf of Chairman of 3DGam, Alasan Bah, 3DGam Homeland General abd Deputy Secretary General said: “Half a decade ago on this blissful and charming day, our dear 3DGam started the mundane journey of pure selfless with a vision of “Radiating Goodness in Mankind;” mission “To advance goodness in humanity.” In this, we envisioned love, mindfulness, tenacity, and sheer gift of reciprocity.”
He expressed gratitude to all partners and anyone who is supporting the organization in implementing its humanitarian services.
“Everyone has a part to play in the transformation roadmap we created that would be launched in commemoration of 3D 5th Anniversary in YMCA Gambia today,” he said.

Lamin Queen Jammeh, Minister of Information and Communication commended officials of 3DGam & 3DGlobal for providing humanitarian services to Gambians over the years, saying the organization is significant in implementing Government efforts to enhance national development.
He said The Gambia Government under President Barrow has created an enabling environment for all development partners to contribute to national development.
“On behalf of the Government I thanked you for implementing projects in the past,” he said.

Over the past years 3DGam also promoted and empowered women and youth to enhance their development.
Mr. Jammeh said the organization empowering women is desirable to the Government. He said investing in agriculture, most especially on ruminant production will no doubt enhance the country’s socio-economic advancement.

He assured them of Government willingness to work hand in hand with all Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), most especially 3DGam & 3D Global.

Demba Ali Jawo, former Minister of Information said the organization had help Gambians on various social activities meant to improve their livelihoods. He added that the organization is willing to work with all and sundry. He justified that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with several public and private institutions to enhance mutual interest.

Mr. Jawo, a veteran journalist said the organization is also embarking on cross-border projects with the quest to providing humanitarian services for all.
Former Secretary General & Minister of Presidential Affairs Momodou Sabally, who spoke on the role of NGO in nation building, said the role of NGO on nation building cannot be overemphasized.

“NGO plays a crucial role in national development,” he said.
He said 3DGam & 3D Global has been doing fantastic work in the country that is meant to improve the living standard of Gambians.
“The NGOs participation to national development does not necessarily mean the Government is not doing well,” the country’s ever youngest secretary general and head of civil services said.

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