3D Gam supports GAF with human rights, drug awareness materials

3D Gam supports GAF with human rights, drug awareness materials

By Cherno Omar Bobb

3DGam, a registered foundation in The Gambia committed to improving the lives of the disadvantaged people within communities, especially in rural Gambia on Wednesday 27th September 2023 presented human rights and drug awareness packages to the Gambia Armed Force.

Held at a ceremony held at Defence Headquarters in Banjul, the items donated include; 1230 Human Rights and 1400 Drug Awareness booklets.

3DGam (Decision Determine Destiny) Foundation is part of 3D and 3DGlobal. The foundation’s objectives are to give support in the areas of empowering women through micro-finance, support and encourage horticultural, poultry and small ruminants animal productions to improve both income and nutrition of local populace, among a host of others. .

The foundation is of the view that having members of the armed forces onboard in the democratisation process would significantly help boost the country’s democracy and human rights.

At the presentation, General Yankuba A. Drammeh, Chief of Defence Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces, said the materials would no doubted enhance the understanding and compliance of members of GAF when it comes to issues related to international law and human rights.

CDS Drammeh described the gesture as ‘worthy and timely’, further thanking 3D Gam for the generosity.

He stated that as an institution they are open to suggestions in their quest to enhance the professional competence of members of Gambia Armed Forces in different dormains.

Contrary to what some people think, CDS Drammeh reminded that The Gambia Armed Forces personnel are not only trained to kill, but that their primary function is to protect and defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country against internal or external aggression as well as aid to civil authority.

He assured donors that the items will be sent to their training schools to equip the capacities of serving members in human rights and international humanitarian law.

He made reference to the National Human Rights Commission in its 2022 and 2023 reports, where GAF has been lauded for its reformed strategies, and thank all serving members of GAF for the achievement.

Alasan Bah, Homeland General for 3D Gam, acknowledged that both military and civil population have a collective responsibility to ensure the country is safe heaven for everyone.

He described the gesture by 3D Gam as a laudable initiative as the country is currently undergoing a Security Sector Reform.

Adama O. Cham, 3D Gambia regional manager for Lower River Region, said they also made similar donation of human rights and drug awareness packages to schools to play in the forms of drama and poetry to boost people awareness about the said topics.

Lt. Col. Bahoreh Jaiteh, director of Legal Services at The Gambia Armed Forces, said the donated materials are needed most at the institution, assuring that it items would go a long way in augmenting their capacity to reform the country’s security sector particularly members of GAF.

Meanwhile, It is ardent belief in 3D that having the military onboard in the democratisation process of the new found Gambia cannot be understated. Therefore, to make both the Human Right packages available to military that would be kept in the military training school library not only to teach the new recruits, but officers and men can familiarise themselves with this fundamental human right booklets in their role to protect lives and properties of the citizenries. Also, of great importance is to raise awareness among the men and officers the danger of drug to lives themselves and citizens they help to protect.

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