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By Lamin Jassey, UK

Omar Sadio (Salif Sadio's son), a member of the Gambian Armed Forces (GAF)
has been dismissed by the army high command, on 6 th September, 2017. He is
currently held at the State Intelligence Services (SIS) along Marena Parade avenue
in Banjul.
Omar Sadio got enlisted into The Gambia Armed Forces in 2005 and after his
recruitment, he was deployed to the 2nd Infantry Battalion in Farafenni until 2014.
He was later redeployed to the 1st Infantry Battalion in Yundum Barracks.
Omar Sadio is the biological son of Salif Sadio and he was born in a village called
Kabakel. His father Salif Sadio is the leader of the breakaway Casamance
Separatist group fighting against the Senegalese Government. Rebel leader Salif
Sadio is a close ally of former President Yahya Jammeh. Former President had
been suspected of supplying weapons to Salif Sadio's rebel movement since 2007.
At some point, former President Jammeh offered to mediate between the
Senegalese Government and Salif Sadio's rebel movement.
It would be recalled that few years ago, a shipment of arms from Iran destined for
Casamance were intercepted in Nigeria and the consignment was for the
Government of The Gambia. It was as a result of that problem, that The Gambia
severed all diplomatic relations with Iran. Salif Sadio is a frequent visitor of
Kanilai and he is always accorded a special treatment.
Few years ago some Senegalese soldiers were captured by Sadio's rebels and held
captive in a Gambian border town of Jarra Soma. The soldiers were handed over to
former President Jammeh, who instructed his former Minister for Presidential
Affairs Njogu Bah to escort them to Dakar for a formal ceremony.
Furthermore, former President Jammeh was in connivance with Salif Sadio to
export timber from the rebel held area of Casamance. The proceeds of the business
are shared between the former President Jammeh and the rebel leader Salif Sadio.

Editor’s Note; The GAF spokesperson could not be reached for comments on this

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