2017 German Elections: I am shocked, says Donaueschingen Mayor

Mamos Media

By Assan Sallah

Erik Pauly, Mayor of Doanueschingen City in the Baden-Württemberg Region in Germany has expressed disappointment at the election into Parliament of the AFD party under the leadership of Alexander Gauland which is anti foreigners and the EU.

He said: “I am shocked by the results of the election. The AFD is gaining momentum and the biggest parties like CDU and SPD are loosing their people. This is not good for our country.”
Mayor Erik Pauly was speaking to Mamos Tv correspondent in Germany on election day, 25th September 2017, at the counting center in Donaueschingen city.
He said that there are many new parties and many people are supporting them. He added that there are six parties in Parliament and that has never happened since the World War II.
“We will see if it’s a problem or maybe it’s a chance to have more opinions and colours in the political field. I am afraid because the AFD has now become the third biggest party and they don’t like Europe and the refugees and that is a problem for the Parliament. They don’t think of the future. They are thinking backwards,” he queried.

He said the opinion of the AFD party is that Germany is for Germans only. “They (AFD) want Germany to close its borders and get out of the EU and that’s a problem.
It’s very important for Germany to stay in the EU. It will be interesting how the government will look like in the Parliament,” he concluded.

Also speaking to Mamos Tv was the Deputy Mayor of Donaueschingen, Bernhard Kaiser, who said he expected the election exactly as it happened.
“I expected that CDU and SPD will have less than expected and the AFD party which is new, will gain popularity. They (AFD) are afraid of foreigners and migrants and they want to get rid of them. This is like a testimonial. This is not good for our country,” he remarked.

On her part, Edith Lienhard , an engineer who also lives in Donaueschingen said it is very bad that the AFD is gaining so many votes. She reiterated similar sentiments like the mayor and his deputy regarding the AFD party’s hostility towards foreigners and the EU.
“This is a party that does not like foreigners and Europeans. They claimed that Germany is for Germans only,” she added.
According to her, the voter turnout is estimated at 75% which is a very good turnout.
She said: “Despite wining, the CDU has the worst results since 1949. The other parties that have less than 5% will not be represented in Parliament.”

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