2 Liberians nabbed with 8,700 ‘fake’ US dollars

2 Liberians nabbed with 8,700 ‘fake’ US dollars

Police in the Lower River Region (LRR) have reportedly arrested two Liberians with eight thousand seven hundred dollars (US$8,700) being fake monies; The Point has been reliably informed.

The suspects are currently detained in Jarra Soma as investigations into the matter continue. The Point has also been informed that the said US$8700 is equivalent of D579, 420.

A source, who is familiar with the development and wished to speak to The Point anonymously, confirmed the report, saying: “The two Liberians were arrested around Farafenni when they attempted to abscond after changing the fake Dollars into Dalasi in Soma.”

“The two Liberians reportedly changed the money at a local shop in Jarra Soma. After changing the money, they left Soma and headed to Farafenni in an effort to escape,” our source said.

“Unfortunately, the guy who had changed the fake dollar for the suspects also went to a forex bureau to change the dollars into dalasi. However, the staff at the bureau realised that the dollars were fake.”

The police, our source added, were then informed about the incident. “The police immediately launched a man hunt for the suspects. Luckily for them, the suspects were arrested in Farafenni on board a vehicle as they were trying to escape the jurisdiction,” the source posited.

Source: The Point

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