12 pass on in Nasarawa boat mishap, gathering grieves

12 pass on in Nasarawa boat mishap, gathering grieves

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Twelve travelers were said to have passed on in a boat mishap that happened at the Kogi Kungra Kamfani Stream in Arikiya, Lafia Neighborhood Government Region of the Nasarawa State.

The Speaker of the state Place of Get together, Ibrahim Abdullahi, unveiled this during a crisis sitting of the House in Lafia on Thursday.

Nineteen travelers were supposed to be ready the boat when the mishap happened.

Just seven people were protected.

While reassuring the deprived families over the demise of their friends and family, Abdullahi said, “It is exceptionally miserable that we lost 12 individuals, compromising of people in a boat setback in Arikiya, Lafia Nearby Government Region.

“Nineteen individuals were ready, 12 kicked the bucket and seven were protected. Lafia Neighborhood Government Region and our dear state have been tossed into grieving over this miserable episode.

For myself, respectable individuals and individuals from staff of the gathering, we mourn with the dispossessed families, Lafia Nearby Government Region and the state government over their demises in the boat mishap.

“We petition God for the rest of their spirits and that God ought to excuse their inadequacies and award them timeless rest.”

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