10 people die of heart attacks in India after dancing ‘Garba’

10 people die of heart attacks in India after dancing ‘Garba’

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Ten people have died of heart attacks in India’s western state of Gujarat after performing the Garba dance during the ongoing Hindu festival of Navratri, officials said.

Garba is a dance that honors, worships and celebrates the divinity of women.

The word “garba” is derived from the Sanskrit word garba, meaning “womb”.

The deceased ranged from teenagers to middle-aged adults, with the youngest being a 13-year-old from Daboi in Vadodara district.
More than 500 emergency calls were reportedly made within 24 hours after the dance.

“More than 500 ambulances were called within 24 hours, and the government also issued an alert calling on organizers of such events to take all necessary measures.”

“Measures should also include the availability of ambulances to take people to hospitals if they are unwell.”
Gujarat’s local government has issued a warning to all government hospitals. The community health center near Garba has published a website and advised to be on high alert.

Doctors have advised revelers not to play garba for long periods without a break.

Event organizers are being urged to provide automated external defibrillators, which can save lives in these situations.

Organizers were also asked to send several people trained in CPR to the scene.

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