Gambia: Semlex Contract Must Be Canceled! NOW


Either the Government did not do a correct background check on Semlex or Semlex had indeed paid off politicians and intermediaries to obtain a contract in The Gambia. This is the only conclusion one can reach following the investigations that the Belgian Government itself had launched on this company. For a long time now Semlex has been under investigation by Belgian police for their dubious operations in Africa.

Semlex is found to bribe officials to obtain contracts in African governments. Semlex also does not go through normal procurement procedures. More seriously Semlex has been found to issue national documents to foreign nationals. In addition Semlex contracts are found to increase the cost of national documents beyond what citizens can afford.

Therefore it is utterly criminal and totally irresponsible for our Government to issue such national security documents to a foreign company that could pass our documents to non-Gambians without our Government even knowing it.

Until now the Barrow Government has refused to openly share the full cost of this contract. Meanwhile this company is under investigation at the Janneh Commission while the necessary information that the National Assembly itself had asked for many months now from the Government has not been provided yet.

Despite all of these shortcomings and concerns this Government still went ahead to award the contract to this company. Why did the Government itself wait for over a year to give this contract? They only reason they waited for that long was because the Government knew that this company is not in good standing. They had to wait to let the water settle down so that there will be no reaction. But they are mistaken. The time has come for Gambians to raise hell over this contract!

By this contract, Pres. Barrow just like Yaya Jammeh before him has directly undermined national security and cause economic loss to our beloved country while imposing unfair charges on citizens!

Many individual citizens and organizations including some individual NAMs had issued letters, convened press conferences and issued public statements over the last year just to warn and advice and enlighten the Government about the fraudulent nature of this company. Yet the Barrow Administration just decided to ignore all genuine concerns and warnings but went ahead to handover the life of our country to such a criminal gang!

This calls for impeachment.

The National Assembly must demand that this contract be abolished with immediate effect and all those officials involved in this fraudulent deal be subjected to criminal prosecution for injuring national security and defrauding the country and citizens.

If I have any powers I will stop all citizens not to apply for this Semlex – Barrow Criminal ID Card!

Let us protest to the best of our ability against this corrupt and criminal contract. Gambia is not for sale.

I stand against this Criminal Contract and it’s Criminal ID.


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